Blood Night by Markus

Blood Night - The Future Is Here.

A Lux-Utility Duffle Bag with your Exclusive Access To The Future.

⦾ Includes a Free NFT wearable.

⦾ Includes Access to the Silver PatiMonki Club Membership.

⦾ Limited Edition (Only 200 Pieces Worldwide)

When 24 Hours Aren't Enough...

Designed by Markus,

Inspired by those that are obsessed with perfection.

By those that are attempting to create lifetimes worth of change.

Designed to take you through every minute of the day, with all the tools you need.

So that YOU can focus on changing the world.

  • It Fits Everything, Seriously.

    With 13.2 Gallons (50L) of Capacity, there isn't much that wouldn't fit in this duffle bag.

    And with a maximum weight of 66 lbs (30 Kg) you could all your favourite shoes, suits, tracks for the next covid-free vacation.

  • State of the Art Comfort & Durability.

    Our designers have gone back and forth a million times, faced multiple rejected concepts, many sleepless nights till they've eventually come up with the perfect blend of durablity and comfort.

    ⦾ T-piping for stability

    ⦾ Adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap

    ⦾ Dual padded handles with hoop & loop fasteners for easy carrying

  • How many pockets are too many?

    A question for the ages.

    With all the cables, chargers, supplements, bottles and for whatever the future holds-we've got you covered.

    ⦾ Multiple Inside Pockets

    ⦾ Easy-Carry Side Mesh Pocket

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Blood Night - The NFT.

Highly Versatile with over 6 different layers, don't limit your creativity when it comes to styling your Virtual Self.

Elements :

Background: Blood Night

Element: Gold Monki

Label: Off White & Burgundy

Colors: Mandy, Black, Gold, Burgundy & Off-White.

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  • The Perfect First NFT

    At PatiMonki we've been through the craziness of the boom of NFTs. There's too much information out there and it can get really really confusing. So we've created a way to enter the inevitable new world by bridging the gap between real and virtual.

    By getting this product you'll get 24/7 -365 days a year access to your personal shopper who'll guide you through all the clutter and give you the best possible experience in a warm welcoming virtual community.

  • Future Value with a Rare NFT

    A Silver Tier NFT. With only a limited amount of units available, this NFT will retail at a minimum floor price of 0.25 Ethereum for our public auction (September 2022) on OpenSea.

    But you'll be able to get it for FREE when you buy this Duffle Bag.

  • Your "Drip" In the MetaStreets.

    Wondering how you could mix and match the elements of this NFT to virtual products?

    Just rip the elements apart and let your imagination do the rest.

    The following is our artist's vision of a virtual wardrobe with this NFT.

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This Could Be Your Virtual Wardrobe...

Express Yourself, Virtually.

The virtual wardrobe illustrated above is just one take of how your designs can take life in the virtual world. The possibilities are endless with this NFT. When the virtual world gets mature, you can use these same designs in whatever way you like , forever.

The Silver Membership

Your gateway to join an exclusive online and offline community - Our Second Tier of Club Membership.

  • Access to An Exclusive Community.

    Your Silver Membership gives you access to an online community of creatives and game-changers but most importantly it gives you access to the Blue Diamond Collection, your gateway to Gold and Platinum Memberships worth over $12,000 and Access to Offline Events and Parties across the US, UK and Singapore.

  • Exclusive Collections & Discounts

    Exclusive Access to online collections, NFT whitelists, Blue Diamond Drops and Discounts for selected collections.

  • Lifetime Access to TreeHaus (Online)

    Silver Members will get Free lifetime access to our MetaVerse, the Treehaus and access to all online fashion, music and networking events in the MetaWorld.

So What Are You Waiting For?

With only 200 units that will ever be produced, you'll get a luxury duffle bag, a highly versatile NFT wearable and a lifetime access to a red carpet community of creatives and like minded individuals.

  • Michael F.

    Product : "Black Brolly Duffle Bag"

    I'm not one to usually write reviews but this is a defo exception. Initially was a bit hesitant due to the price point as I needed a duff for the gym. However, was really pleased about the product. Got it pretty quick to the Bay,around 9 days. Really good quality, lightweight and spacious as well. But there's a serious issue with the bag......It's a bit too good for a gym bag, more like a carry on for the airport or a luxe holiday! LOVE IT!

  • Dillion R.

    Product: "Raining Roses Duffle Bag"

    Worth every penny :D Love the quality as well as the inside pockets. Came within 10 days! Thanks Fam!

  • Robert M.

    Product: "Raining Roses Duffle Bag"

    Really easy on the shoulders! Great buy, would recommend 10/10!

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