What If You Could Get Your First NFT Without The Risk of A Rug Pull?

Like the introduction of Radio, Fax, Television, The Internet & Social Media - the MetaVerse is here to stay and will create a cultural, financial, and institutional boom.

Our limited edition of Lux-Utility Duffle Bags will help you bridge the gap between Real and Virtual with your First NFT and Exclusive Access to An Influential Community in the MetaVerse.

  • Risk Free Way To Join A MetaVerse Community

    We know how confusing and over-saturated the NFT space is now. It's easy to get a JPEG for way more than its worth and have the rug pulled for under your feet.

    To mitigate this and to create an easy way for people to join a MetaVerse Community we've created a model in which it's impossible to get the rug pulled.

    You don't just get an NFT for your money, you get a real tangible product as well mitigating any risk and creating a safe point of entry to a growing, sustainable community.

  • Exclusive Membership Access

    Each product comes with an equivalent membership to the PatiMonki Club.

    What's so great about the club?

    ⦿ Access to our MetaVerse , the TreeHaus.

    ⦿ Access to Exclusive Discounts and Collections available only to Members.

    ⦿ Exclusive Access to Online and Offline Events & Parties across the US, the UK & Singapore.

    ⦿ Access to mint the Platinum Membership worth over $12,000.

  • Future Value with Your Free NFT

    All NFTs that are sold with physical products also come with limited online exclusive mints for non-members (Sept 2022) of the same, giving members a chance to auction or trade their NFTs for Profits on OpenSea

    ⦿ Minimum Auction Floor Price for Gold NFTs : 0.45 ETH.

    ⦿ Minimum Auction Floor for Silver NFTs : 0.25 ETH.

    You get your NFT for Free.

  • Step 1 : Choose your Real Product

    Our team of in-house designers spend day and night coming up with stunning, practical everyday designs making sure you're ready for whatever the world wants to throw at you.

  • Step 2 : Get your Free NFT

    Once you claim your product one of our personal shoppers will contact you within 24 hours, and help you through the easy setup of your first MetaMask Wallet and you'll be all set with your NFTs.

  • Step 3 : Join The Community

    Once you buy your first NFT product, you'll achieve a Silver or Gold Membership status. This will be your access to the TreeHaus, Membership Collections and Exclusive Discounts.

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It's Not Just A JPEG...

Our NFT's aren't just JPEGs. Apart from being token's of memberships to the PatiMonki Club & the TreeHaus, your NFT is your access to unlimited creativity in the MetaVerse.

Your Virtual Wardrobe.

You can rip the elements of your unique NFT apart to create a virtual wardrobe catered to your taste.

If this is your NFT...

This could be your wardrobe in the MetaStreets...

So What Are You Waiting For?

With a limited amount of products available per NFT, you'll be able to claim an exclusive product, get a versatile NFT and join a growing community of like minded individuals.