Bags , Revolutionized.

This super-trio of bags is not just stunning in terms of eye-candy colors and design but is the first of its kind wearable NFT for when you're ready to walk the Virtual Streets.

  • It's More Than Just A Bag...

    Designed by 神秘 (Shinpi) , the collection boasts a minimalistic design inspired by a real story of struggle , hope and redemption in a world of unfair reality.

    Brought up in this harsh reality of a ultra fast , over complex social dilemma , the designs portray the strength of subtlety and the power of empathy across all walks of life.

  • The Stepping Stone to the New World...

    Faster than Bolt of the blocks , technology in our world is moving at breakneck speed.

    This collection comes with a mintable NFT of the same design that can be worn in the futuristic world that's closing in on us.

  • Membership to an Exclusive Society

    As we're growing every day into a collective in the Real and Virtual sphere - This product gives its owner unparalleled access to grow into a duotone community in both realities.

    The PatiMonki Club Silver Membership gives access to Exclusive NFT Whitelists, Free Shipping, Personal Shopping, and exclusive access to Online and Offline Events across the World.

You Get Much More Than Just A Bag

When you get Backpack , Tote or Duffle from this collection you get much more than just a physical product. You get an exclusive access to a community of like minded individuals not just in the real world but also in the Virtual World.

Raining Roses - The NFT.

The NFT has three main elements that can be transfered into 3D wearables (Clothing / Shoes / Accessories) for your avatar in the TreeHaus or other MetaWorlds.

⦿ Background : Raining Roses

⦿ Label : Black and Mandy

⦿ Element : Rosia (Rare)

Mint Price (Product + NFT) : Reserved at 0.003 ETH on Polygon

Public Mint Price : Floor 0.1 ETH on Polygon

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Get shopping or you'll miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a truly revolutionary family.