The PatiMonki Club

The PatiMonki Club is our community that shares are values of art , fashion and technology.

There are many ways to be a part of the Monki Family.From a free sign up to holding rare pieces designed by the creative geniuses that lurk in the corners of our offices.There's always space in our family for like minded individuals.

Our Membership Tiers are as follow:

Tier 1 - Black Membership

As we're looking to build our community while creating the bridge between real world apparel and the coming of age virtual (meta) world of fashion , the Black Membership is the best place to test the waters, learn about us , the future and the technology involved.

Our first tier of membership is the easiest one to register to.All you need to do is sign up for free to our newsletter and get your PatiMonki Black Card.

PatiMonki Black Card Benefits :

⦿ 10% Off Your First Purchase

⦿ Newsletters and Exclusive Content

⦿ One Step Upgrade to a Tier 2- Silver Membership

Tier 2 - Silver Membership

Tier 2 of the PatiMonki Club is the gateway to the inner-circle.

The only requirement to receive a Tier 2 Silver Membership is to own your first Monki Product.

Apparel , Totes , Backpacks or Duffles (Gift Cards are not eligible)

The Silver Membership comes with exclusive perks:

⦿ 10% off your next purchase

⦿ Exclusive Access to PatiMonki NFT WhiteLists

⦿ Reserved Raffles to all future Blue Diamond Drops.

⦿ Chance to win a Platinum Membership worth over $12,000.


Tier 3 - Gold Membership

  • The Only Way is Up

    The third Tier of the PatiMonki Club is the Gold Membership and it's also the second highest tier.

    The only way to register for a Gold Membership is by owning a product from the Blue Diamond Collection.

  • Exclusive Access to the BDC Drops

    Blue Diamond Drops don't happen often.But when they do only 7 units of each product will be available to Silver Tier Members and above.These exclusive products come free with a NFT of the same design. The NFT can be used as a wearable of the same product in the TreeHaus or transferred as 3D files to other MetaWorlds as wearables.

  • Perks of The Gold Membership

    ⦿  Exclusive Lifetime Gold Members Discount (Upto 30% Off Selected Collections)

    ⦿ Access to all Future Blue Diamond Drops and Whitelists

    ⦿ Access to Gold only Collections.

    ⦿ Lifetime Free Access to TreeHaus

    ⦿ Free Access to All Online Events (Music,Art & Fashion)

    ⦿ 50% off all PatiMonki Offline Events and Parties (US)

Tier 4 - The Platinum Club

The highest tier of membership of PatiMonki Tribe is The Platinum Club.

There are only 2 ways enroll for a Platinum Membership:

1. Hold a Gold Membership & Mint a Platinum Membership via a free online Mint.

2.Hold a Gold Membership and pay a one time membership fee. ($1000)

The Platinum Club is an exclusive club of PatiMonki Members and comes with perks valued over $12000 USD courtesy of our partners and collaborators.

  • Exclusive LifeTime Discounts

    Platinum Club members receive discounts upto 50% off selected collections as well as personalised apparel,bags & accessories.

  • Exclusive NFT Wearables + TreeHaus Access

    Platinum Members will have exclusive access to TreeHaus , V.I.P Events , Access to the PatiMonki Network and Private Access to Platinum NFT Drops.

  • Offline Events ,Parties & Conferences

    Platinum Members will have all expenses paid exclusive access to PatiMonki's Brick and Mortar Roadshows, Conferences , Networking Events and Parties across the U.S , UK and Singapore.