Our Story

"A small team with big dreams of creating a sustainable, colourful and beautiful future." 

  • Sustainability

    The fashion industry is the second largest industry for water-waste in the world. And it's time for that to change. We've re-worked the traditional model of retail-fashion by incorporating a much more sustainable model. With warehouses in UK and US , we're able to make orders on demand and remove the problem of over-production and over-stocking raw material and finished products. What this means is that we're able to decrease water and raw material waste from our production much more significantly compared to your traditional retailer. Alongside this , we are incorporating eco-friendly and recyclable materials in our production processes and aim to have a completely eco-friendly fashion line by 2023.

  • Creative Freedom

    We encourage all our collaborators to exercise their creative freedom to the hilt.After all , beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From our Blue Diamond Collection to our Classic Collections , we're on the journey to give new and upcoming designers the creative freedom to design the streetwear for tomorrow. 

    There's magic in knowing that the youth is creating our pathway for the future.

  • Exclusivity

    We want everyone to be able to claim a little part of the Monki in their lifetime , something they can share with only 6 other people in the world. The Blue Diamond Collection was created with exactly that in mind. Every fortnight we give the opportunity to grab a very limited edition collection , created with a lot of love and thought by our young designers and feel the unique special-ness we feel when we create these masterpieces.